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The Fx3uInterface is a Serial communication driver for the Mitsubishi FX3u PLC. This is a Net component written in Visual Basic 2005. This pure Net component allows you to write HMI and SCADA programs for the Mitsubishi Fx3u using Visual Studio 2005. The Fx3uInterface component runs on background threads and communicates to the PLC via the Fx3u programming cable connected to a USB port. By using the PLC front port no extra modules on the PLC are needed. The Fx3u programming cable comes with a driver that must be loaded. With the Fx3uInterface component up to fifty digital points X Y M and S bits and fifty D register points can automatically be polled. Points can be added and flushed from the polling register at run time so each page of your application can have its own set of points polled while the page is viewed. In addition any X,Y,M,S and D points can be written to or read individually and totally independent of the polling. This component is easy to use and you can be up and running in minutes. It comes with a compiled help file explaining all the properties and methods. The source code for the demo program is included and you can copy the code that applies to each method and property. The developer’s license for the Fx3uInterface allows for developing an unlimited number of compiled applications. There is no other product available for the Fx3u PLC with comparable price and features. With the Fx3uInterface component one year unlimited email support and upgrades is included.

System Requirements:

You need a serial port to connect to the PLC

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